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Welcome to Go Green Recycled Granite, LLC.


At Go Green Recycled Granite, we manufacture and sell eco-friendly split faced granite tile and other beautiful products in the Kansas City area.  All of our natural solid stone products are hand split and sorted  using re-purposed granite from the Kansas City area granite countertop industry… making them 100% green and environmentally friendly.








Our split face stone tile reveals shimmering mica, sparkling quartz and garnets that have been locked inside the stone for millions of years.  And just like a snowflake, every project is a unique creation, tailored to your specific tastes.  Our products are featured nationally on DIY and HGTV network programs-BathCrashers, Run My Renovation, I Want That, and Blog Cabin.  100%  recycled stone tiles are used in bathrooms, kitchens, fireplaces, accent walls, indoors & outdoors, wet or dry and are LEED qualifying.  By using just 30 square feet of this product, you will prevent over 200 pounds of waste from entering a landfill.


Going GREEN has never looked so GOOD!


Hi! My name is Mary Jo Ward.  Ever since I was old enough to walk, I have been a rock enthusiast. Every rock, pebble or stone not buried too deep would end up in my pocket, identified and end up in my ever growing collection. My first big rock find was raiding the neighbors river rock landscaping and finding out everything was granite. My dad worked for the soil conservation service and as kids we learned how to say soil, not dirt and were educated about all kinds of rocks.  We spent lots of time outside exploring nature and discovering its wonders.  As I grew up, my rock collection grew and was passed on to my kids.  I worked my way through college decorating wedding cakes and operating a sewing and alterations business and finally got my degree as a registered nurse.


Taking care of people, namely oncology patients seemed to be my calling but the creative side of me wanted more.  I started dabbling in home improvement.


As a self taught DIY’er, I learned how to sweat pipe, hang drywall, do some minor electrical, paint and tile (my favorite), etc.  After completing my second house, I met this really nice guy online who just happened to be in Baghdad Iraq working as a Senior Liaison Officer for KBR.  We had a long distance relationship for awhile and I found out that he grew up in upstate New York in the Hudson Valley, was a nature lover like me and had been in the Army for 11 years.  Oh yeah, his name was Joe Ward.  He had some things to finish up overseas so we bought another “fixer upper” in Kansas City, and I got to work.  We married in 2006, and he moved back permanently in 2007, and became the best construction assistant ever.


It took us nearly six years to totally gut our house and update it while living in it.  With the help and support of our five kids, we got it done.


I have to have a project, and I was starting to repaint things that really didn’t need to be repainted.  When my daughter, a beginning DIY’er, called me and asked for some help remodeling her kitchen, Joe said go and get it out of your system.  I packed my car with tools and headed to Indianapolis.  She had her mind set on using this recycled granite product I had never seen before.  I’m all about saving money, the environment and it was beautiful stuff (and it was rocks!)  Within five days (not recommended) we completed a total kitchen transformation.  The split faced granite backsplash and bar wall was interesting, unique and really easy, so easy, my 12 year old was able to help.  Each rock had its own personality, texture. I didn’t realize granite hides gemstone surprises and sparkles inside that you would never know were there unless exposed by splitting-beautiful!  It was fun to see the personality come out of each stone as the project came together.


I came home, really excited about the new additions to my "rock collection" Old habits die hard, some of the really neat pieces were just too cool to be in the project. Joe, who also has a degree in business, suggested we look into developing a recycled granite business in the Kansas City area.  With Joe’s business savvy and my creativity and our desire to play a part in saving the environment for future generations, this felt like a great fit.  Go Green Granite was born.  Check out all of the ideas and what we can create for you!


What is Recycled Granite?

Recycled granite pavers, split stone tiles, mosaics and aggregates are created using left-over countertop material from stone fabricators throughout the entire country. It is a post-consumer waste stream that we divert from landfills. We use patented machinery to manufacture the scrap into various shapes and sizes. 100% of the granite is recycled, therefore preventing millions of pounds of waste from entering landfills each year. This process creates true “green jobs” for individuals throughout the entire U.S.


Where can Recycled Granite products be found?

Visit our “Where To Find” page for a dealer near you, or you can contact us at 800-692-4642 for shipping estimates and a FREE sample kit.


Is the granite crush and reconstituted or is it solid stone?

The recycled granite pavers and split stone tiles are SOLID!


In comparison to traditional concrete pavers, which are generally 3000-5000psi…our recycled granite pavers are 15,000 -25,000 psi, making them up to 3 - 5 TIMES STRONGER. The dramatic beauty and strength has been built up, layer upon layer, over millions of years. They withstand weathering and fading far better than any other stone available on the market. Click here for installation instructions and sealer details


The recycled granite split stone tiles are individually split by hand. Every single stone is touched by a human hand, not just machines. Like snowflakes, each stone has uniquely different properties and no two are alike. The splitting process reveals stunning sparkle from the quartz and mica that has been slowly built into the stone. Their beauty is truly breathtaking! Click here for installation instructions and sealer details


Do they quality for LEED points?

Absolutely! Since Recycled Granite materials are manufactured from 100% post-consumer waste they can earn credit points in the LEED rating system. LEED Credits for new projects and major renovations earn points from various rating categories. Please consult with your local LEED Accredited Professional for specific points and rating methods.


For a Recycled Granite dealer near you visit or call 1-800-692-4642.

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Each location is independently owned and operated.  For information on starting a granite recycling center near you click here


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